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American Dream Rewards™ - The patented "Pooled Rewards®" Program.

Imagine your customers receiving a free lottery ticket every time they benefit your business. Over the course of a year, they could accumulate thousands of entries while you gain from their increased financial activity. Sound exciting? Well imagine no more because with the American Dream Rewards, your customers can earn sweepstakes entries to win one of our monthly cash jackpots by taking actions that you desire. Now the American Dream Rewards Program is NOT a lottery; so there is no need for your customers to stand in line, buy tickets or pick numbers, simply enter your customers each month and they could win!

Through our common bond, the monthly cash jackpots awarded reach exciting levels as they grow with the amount of money contributed by all of the participating American Dream Rewards marketing partners.

Here are just some of the mutually beneficial ways your customers could earn entries:
  • Deposit Activity! - Customers can earn an entry for every $1 deposited with you!

  • Purchase Activity! - Customers can earn an entry for every $1 spent on their credit card with you!

  • Direct Deposit Activity! - Customers can earn an entry for every $1 deposited with you by setting up direct deposit with their employer or benefits provider!

  • Application Activity! - Customers can earn entries for applying to do business with you!

  • Loan Activity! - Customers can earn entries for financing with you!

  • Online Banking Activity! - Customers can earn entries by activating at your online account servicing platform!

  • Online Bill Pay! - Customers can earn entries every time they pay their bill online with you!

  • Good Payment Behavior! -Customers can earn entries for responsible handling of their accounts with you!

  • Referral Activity! -Entries are good for all drawings in the current promotion period!

  • And More! - Our marketing partners have the flexibility to choose which of the entry methods to promote to their customers!
Make your customers dreams come true in the American Dream Rewards Sweepstakes, it's the UNLOTTO! American Dream Rewards (ADR) is not just a rewards program, but a means to flexibly and inexpensively enhance your marketing efforts:
  • Stand alone

    - Marketing partners use ADR as a new, or replacement reward program.

  • Complimentary

    - Marketing partners use ADR as an umbrella reward program to enhance existing loyalty offerings with our exciting   monthly cash jackpots.

  • Mileage/Point Burner

    - Marketing partners use ADR to reduce existing loyalty program miles/point program liability
      (exchange points/miles for entries).

Discover the American Dream Rewards Program:
  • - Increase desirability and affinity to attract the large audience of consumers who do not believe their current spending   patterns can yield meaningful rewards through cash back, points or miles.

  • - Raise response rates to your offers by using entries as the incentive.

  • - Stimulate usage by reaching the dreamers and doers that want the opportunity to have it all now.

  • - Retain customers and motivate positive payment behavior with ADR's patented reward program.

  • - Create excitement and loyalty through entertainment.

  • - Increase marketing power inexpensively.

  • As soon as practical.

  • ADR is a turn-key, fully built out award winning program that can be easily integrated.

  • ADR's method for processing entries is simple, easy for your staff and secure.

  • ADR has comprehensive artwork, promotional materials and PR history ready for marketing support.

Put American Dream Rewards to work for you:

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